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Discover handmade goods ethically-made by artisans from around the world. Every dollar spent helps create fair wages and jobs around the globe.

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GlobeIn subscribers receive 30% to 70% on exclusive sales including exclusive launches from artisan partners.

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Fair Wages. Happy Artisans.

We Treat All Our Artists Fairly

Abuse of artists and craftsmen from around the world has plagued the market for generations. Unfair wages with high-profit margins make only a few people wealthy and leaves the rest of the world struggling.

At GlobeIn we believe in paying all of our artisans fair wages that ensure they can live fulfilling lives wherever they are.

In turn, they can make incredible goods for you.

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The COZY Box


Products From Over 50+ Countries

1000+ Artisans

1 Million Hours of Fair Wage Work

3,5 Million Dollars Invested in Artisans

1 World

What to Expect in Your COZY Box

Moroccan Hand-Painted Malika Mug

Fair Trade Scarf

from Thailand

Fair Trade Cocoa Powder

from Ghana

Mexican Gallito Palm Leaf Basket

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Help Make An Impact


We work with over 50 countries to bring you the finest gifts from around the world.


Over 1,000 artisans have crafted amazing goods for people just like you.

1 Million

Over the last year, GlobeIn has helped provide over 1 million hours of work to artisans around the world.


Over 3.5 million dollars has been invested in artisans and their communities in the last 3 years.

The Artisans


from Bolgatanga, Ghana

Akugre is one of TradeAID master weavers. She has been weaving baskets for over 20 years, earning enough income to care for herself and her family.

Doña Martina Garcia

from Oaxaca City, Mexico

Doña and her group of eight artisan basket weavers produce roughly 700 baskets per month. Consistent work provides enough income to afford housing and starting small businesses.


from Nabeul, Tunisia

Zouhaira and her team of ceramic makers create and paint all of their products by hand. The work is highly-detailed and takes a strong amount of concentration, and is why these are some of the highest-earning wages in their town.

Artisans of Matr Boomie

from India

Creating a network of over 20,000 workers, Matr Boomie is helping women artisans earn fair wages and provide a comfortable life for themselves and their families.

Fair Trade Means Fair Wages

Traditional Retail

Select Wholesale Products

Retailers select items from wholesalers` existing repertoire and do not make design decisions


Place order with a supplier or distributor:

Prices are negotiated in favor of retailer, which incentivizes suppliers to negotiate prices down with artisans, often to an unlivable wage. Retailers are NOT required to visit production lines, or budget for packaging by a distributor.


Set Payment Structure

After a wholesale order is placed, it is common for companies to pay 100% of the total order 30-60 days later. That`s a long time for producers to go without any recouped cost for materials or shipping!


Impact = Not a priority

Globein`s fair trade

Design a Product

Brainstorm Product Idea

Request samples

Request samples

Negotiate Pricing


Place order directly with Atrisans


Set payment structure


Payment 1

30% production

30% of total cost is paid to artisans immediately after an order is placed to cover production costs.

Payment 2


30% of total cost is paid once goods are produced (handwoven, etc.) so they may be packaged, prepared, and shipped.

Payment 3

40% net 30

40% of total cost -the final payment- is made 30 days after the goods are delivered to Globeln.

Our Impact = Our #1 Priority

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